Circle of desire

On a cold winter day, she set her feet outside. A cloud passed above her, and a dream was born, inside of her. Around the clock of time, the storm blew, rains poured, and the sun shined, gazing at her.   Poor little, who imagined the clouds to be real, was fooled yet again, in … More Circle of desire

Pain of seperation

It was Saturday evening. As she sipped her coffee, sweet memories of the first time they met, began to surface. She began to smile slyly. She remembered, in his first word to her, how her heart missed a beat. When their eyes met, the shyness that filled her. The day when she saw his brown … More Pain of seperation

Her grain of sand

On a hot stormy day, She gently carried me. to leave me on the shore, tenderly, with Her soft, caressing hands. Everyday, She would come there, to sing, dance, and cry Her heart out, intoxicating me, with Her Divine Love.   The tears shed, would make my heart crumble. Until, it finally dissolved, in Her remembrance. … More Her grain of sand

The Seer

On a brisk setting day, the bud blossomed, when, in the heart of the seer, She took birth.   Words held no space, not a speck, or a whisper. She smiled, and so did the seer, being warmly welcomed, yet another time!   Every time, for countless times, She does it. Telling tales of the … More The Seer