Her grain of sand

On a hot stormy day,

She gently carried me.

to leave me on the shore,

tenderly, with Her soft, caressing hands.

Her grain of sand

Everyday, She would come there,

to sing, dance,

and cry Her heart out,

intoxicating me, with Her Divine Love.


The tears shed,

would make my heart crumble.

Until, it finally dissolved,

in Her remembrance.


The mind craved and longed,

for that one wish,

To lay under Her feet,

and let Her walk me through this journey.


Longing intensified with time,

turning pain to a sweet memory.

For, the very thought of Her,

brought solace to this inconsolable soul.


Then, one night,

She came, She stood.

on that place, where She left me before,

Forever now, lies this soul,

under the Feet, under the care, of the Divine Mother.



Aishwarya 🙂

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