The Seer

On a brisk setting day,

the bud blossomed,

when, in the heart of the seer,

She took birth.


Words held no space,

not a speck, or a whisper.

She smiled, and so did the seer,

being warmly welcomed, yet another time!


Every time, for countless times,

She does it.

Telling tales of the Truth,

Being forever loving and patient.


An inch, cannot move without Her,

who holds in Herself, the Entire Being.

Yet again, She has come, to show the human race,

the path, leading to eternal embrace.


May this be the last,

the seer begs.

She smiles again, and so does the seer.


Following it, She bursts into a huge laughter,

relieving the seer forever,

never to return again,

to this terrible den of pain.


Devoid of void,

the mind laid then.

Fully absorbed in Itself,

unperturbed and still it remained.


In Silence,

Aishwarya 🙂


Disclaimer: This piece is purely the author’s imagination.

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