My interview experience at Recurse Center

Disclaimer: This post is to document my interview experience at Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School) for the benefit of other candidates. Please be aware that a lot might have changed in their process (since I applied at least 5 years back as of this writing). All content produced in this post is purely … More My interview experience at Recurse Center

Create a slack bot!

Slack is one of the most used communication tool across teams in companies around the world. You can use bots in Slack to automate your routine tasks, play games, challenge a friend, get live match scores and weather or even book a table for your next team lunch! Sounds interesting, huh? To create a bot, all you need … More Create a slack bot!

Rails and Sinatra

Hey there! I first learnt Rails, and am now learning Sinatra. There has always been a lot of talk on what should be learnt first as a beginner. With certain observations, I quite agree to the fact that the journey must ideally begin with Sinatra. A couple of reasons why I say so. Rails, the … More Rails and Sinatra

Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL

Hi, This post will be discussing the Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL. Assume following table schema: mysql> select * from Persons; +—-+——+—————-+ | id | name | favorite_color | +—-+——+—————-+ |  1 | ABC  | Blue           | |  2 | DEF  | NULL       … More Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL

Diet glasses?

Recently, I was out for lunch with a friend. As I ordered for sabji and naan, my friend interrupted me and said ‘no ghee’ to the waiter. I gave her a stern look – it was totally unexpected of her eating habits. She patted, and said – “well, I’m dieting!” She then went on telling … More Diet glasses?

Multiply by 5?

Ok…you gonna enjoy this post! Wanna multiply a huge no. by 5? As simple as this: If given number is even: 1. Divide the number by 2. 2. Add a zero to the resulting number. E.g. 98422 * 5 = ? 98422 / 2 = 49211 Now add a zero! ans = 492110 If given … More Multiply by 5?