Diet glasses?

Recently, I was out for lunch with a friend. As I ordered for sabji and naan, my friend interrupted me and said ‘no ghee’ to the waiter. I gave her a stern look – it was totally unexpected of her eating habits. She patted, and said – “well, I’m dieting!” She then went on telling me about an article she read – about how the junk foods are not only quickly processed, but also make no delay in being one of the quickest cause for mental depression. I was shocked. It is a common fact that these foods are unarguably not fit for good health, but cause for mental depression made me think. She said it is one of the major concern that the city youths are facing.

I was just wondering about what not people have to do to control their diet!

As part of my usual morning saga, I picked up the Mumbai Mirror. What is amazing is what I read!!! I rolled out laughing…n kept wondering what not people have to do to control their diet..!!!!

It’s called the diet glasses. What it basically does it fools you to eat less. Suppose you have a biscuit in you hand(as shown in pic below). The goggle sends the image to the computer, which enlarges the size of the biscuit while keeping the size of your hand the same.

And their experiments showed that volunteers consumed nearly 10 per cent less when the biscuits they were eating appeared 50 per cent bigger.

I don’t know how far this would work in fooling your senses, but anyway thought it worth to share!


aishwarya šŸ™‚

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