Weekend cooking

It was Saturday evening. I can’t really justify my title, since my weekend was only on Sunday. My friends and I were walking back home from work, when suddenly one shot – ‘how about cooking our lunch tomorrow?’ I am an amateur cook(a meager 3/10), with almost little to no experience. But, yea, it sounds … More Weekend cooking

Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

It was Mother’s day yesterday. Although many feel its the West practice that’s gradually setting in the East, I kind of like this concept, least to say, only Mother’s day. ‘Mother’ is the most wonderful aspect in this creation, I believe. The warmth of Mother’s love, Her smile, lying on Her lap, hugging Her like … More Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

The real purpose

What is the real purpose of education, if it does not teach you to learn, if only degree and greenback is all that you yearn; What is the real purpose of being in a relationship, if you can’t stand by your love in times of hardships; What is the real purpose of  being sorry, if … More The real purpose

Sakhi :)

Sakhi is a new friend in my life. 😀 Her actual birth date is unknown to me, but i first saw her when the divine hands touched Her, and kissed Her. She was reborn. 🙂 I first heard about her on the 8th of January, 2012, during Amma’s program in Mumbai. The Ayudh Mumbai group has … More Sakhi 🙂