Reflections from Rock Climbing

I woke up to pack my stuffs, get my boots on, and decide to go rock climbing! When I reached the place, I saw kids climbing the rocks. They did it with so much of ease, I thought to myself ‘this one’s gonna be really fun and easy!’ Being the first time, I was instructed … More Reflections from Rock Climbing

Weekend cooking

It was Saturday evening. I can’t really justify my title, since my weekend was only on Sunday. My friends and I were walking back home from work, when suddenly one shot – ‘how about cooking our lunch tomorrow?’ I am an amateur cook(a meager 3/10), with almost little to no experience. But, yea, it sounds … More Weekend cooking

Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

It was Mother’s day yesterday. Although many feel its the West practice that’s gradually setting in the East, I kind of like this concept, least to say, only Mother’s day. ‘Mother’ is the most wonderful aspect in this creation, I believe. The warmth of Mother’s love, Her smile, lying on Her lap, hugging Her like … More Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

Sakhi :)

Sakhi is a new friend in my life. 😀 Her actual birth date is unknown to me, but i first saw her when the divine hands touched Her, and kissed Her. She was reborn. 🙂 I first heard about her on the 8th of January, 2012, during Amma’s program in Mumbai. The Ayudh Mumbai group has … More Sakhi 🙂

Sunday Seva

“Seva“, in its literal sense means “service”. And, it is considered one of the most easiest way to purify the mind. It was a lazy Sunday, with nothing more than some cleaning left for the upcoming Christmas. So, i decided to spend the day doing some seva. Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma, is a … More Sunday Seva


Navratri is a festival, as its name suggests, a celebration for nine nights. According to tradition, the first three days are devoted to Goddess Durga/Kali(the one who removes inner impurities). The next three days for Goddess Lakshmi(the one who gives spiritual wealth), and the last three days for Goddess Saraswathi(the goddess of wisdom). The tenth … More Navratri

A gift of grace

Every situation is a gift of grace created to bring us more closer to the Truth, to eliminate our ego. I would like to demonstrate two examples to support the aforesaid statement: In Mahabharata, during the big war, when Arjun came to the battlefield, he requested Krishna that he first wanted to see his enemy. … More A gift of grace