Sunday Seva

Seva“, in its literal sense means “service”. And, it is considered one of the most easiest way to purify the mind.

It was a lazy Sunday, with nothing more than some cleaning left for the upcoming Christmas. So, i decided to spend the day doing some seva.

Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma, is a spiritual leader , guide, Mother to a million around the globe. She personally visits places around the world to give solace to everyone by Her ‘Darshan’. In this context of Darshan, She hugs people and whispers in their ears.

Amma will be visiting Mumbai on the 7th and the 8th of January. Being a part of the Ayudh Mumbai(the youth group of the Math), we are assigned numerous jobs such as cleaning vessels, making mats ready, cleaning chairs, and so on.

This Sunday, was the cleaning of mat. I reached around 2pm, when the cleaning has already begun. We engaged ourselves in scrubbing the mats and then later spreading it for dry. It was an enjoyable, to work around with people having the attitude of selfless service, which sustains this universe. It was a wonderful sight, all motivated by the life of the living Master. 🙂

As the day for the program nears, more and more fun awaits.


aishwarya 🙂




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