Start Blogging in 5 mins!


I was recently compiling an email to a friend on ‘How to blog’, and realized how important it is to know how easy it is to have one! Yes, it will take you exactly 5 minutes to have one!

1. Why should I blog?
This is a whole topic by itself, and outside the scope of this post. However, if you must be reading this, I am sure you have an intent. I suggest you read this article to give you a clear picture on why you should blog.
2. Getting a blog

There are many sites that allow you to create free/paid blogs. Most famous ones are WordPress and Blogger.

I would suggest that you go for WordPress. It is the most recommended one and has some amazing themes, has easy customization, and many more reasons to choose!
I shall cover on how to create a blog on wordpress, but they remain same for almost any other blogging site too.
  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Create Website’
  • You will be taken to a form. Provide all details, viz. Email address, username. The ‘blog address’ will be the URL that the world will hit to go to your blog. Choose a smart name that reflects you 🙂
  • Click on ‘Create Blog’

Yippe! Your blog is live now!

3. Confirm your email address.

Before you go ahead with customizing your site, be sure to confirm your email address. Your inbox should have a mail from WordPress for email confirmation. Follow the steps given in the mail.

4. Customize your blog.

Go to your wordpress dashboard. (On the top right, hover on the User image, a list of links will be shown, click on your username – the first link).

Before you start writing your first post, set a theme for your blog. Click on ‘Appearance’ on the list of links on the left side of your dashboard. For starting with, you can select a Free one(they have some really good collections). The theme for your blog can be changed at anytime.

Once you set a theme, the next thing you could do is add some widgets, such as letting users subscribe to your blog for updates, showing the top posts and categories, and so on.

5. Writing your first post.

It is now time to write your first blog post! On your dashboard, on the left side links, click on ‘Posts’ -> ‘Add new’.

You can add the title and the content for your post. It is always good that you save draft as and when you type. This assures that you do not lost any of your writings in case your connection fails at any time.

After you write the content, add the post to category(s) and tags. This helps Google understand what your post is about, and lead users to your post. Add meaningful tags and categories.

Once you are done, you can click on ‘Publish’. Your post is on your blog! You can always go and edit your post.

6. Publicizing.
WordPress allows you to publicize your blog post automatically on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Use the ‘Share’ link on your post to let people know what you are wirting on.
7. Blogging tips.
  • Always share your posts on social sites. It helps you get more audience.
  • Add your blog url to your email signature, your social profiles and resume.
  • Comment and follow other blogs, you more viewers.
  • Add a ‘Follow blog’ widget in your blog that allows people to subscribe to your blog, and get updates on your posts.
  • Usually, do not copy content from other sites. If you must, mention the source and give appropriate credit.
  • Encourage people to comment on your post.
  • Blog regularly!


Aishwarya 🙂

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