Navratri is a festival, as its name suggests, a celebration for nine nights.

According to tradition, the first three days are devoted to Goddess Durga/Kali(the one who removes inner impurities). The next three days for Goddess Lakshmi(the one who gives spiritual wealth), and the last three days for Goddess Saraswathi(the goddess of wisdom). The tenth day marks the day for auspicious beginning – Vijayadashmi.  It is a day when children are initiated into learning, and many use it as an opportunity to begin something new.

It is said, the three Goddesses are one, but only are in different forms or rup. The three qualities that they represent are dormant within us, and this festival is used as a reminder or an opportunity to invoke the gunas within.

Garbha, a Gujrati dance-form, is another charm of Navratri. People spend their evenings up to late night dancing to tunes.

The main significance in addition to the above is I believe it creates bond and brings people closer.

Happy Navratri! 😀


aishwarya 😀


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