The love that is!

The shine was impeccable! Seated royal across the pane, it shone in pure glory. I envisioned it adorned gracefully on my finger – the ring, I knew Steve would never be able to afford for me. I would look at it with expectant eyes, every time I happened to pass by it. Steve and I married … More The love that is!

The last dance

“May I?”, he asked, lending his hand. Slightly taken aback, she hesitated for a moment, before giving in. The rhythmic flow of the steps, took them to the glorious memories of the past. How he first taught her to dance. The endless nights, they spent talking about everything and nothing. Memories flashed. A thousand words were … More The last dance

His existence

For the fifth time today, she walked downstairs, looking for him. She looked through every shelf and drawer, hoping to find some evidence for his existence. She looked through every file and folder. Read every word in her diary. She could find nothing about him. Although she remembered almost nothing after the terrible disease took upon … More His existence

The reunion

Seated under a tree, she held the book, as if hiding her face. Overflowing with emotions, she wiped those drops. The intense pain and longing for her beloved had torn her apart. She spread her sheet, and laid down. Looking upwards, she saw the huge tree above her. Every tiny leaf merrily danced over the tunes of the wind. … More The reunion

Pain of seperation

It was Saturday evening. As she sipped her coffee, sweet memories of the first time they met, began to surface. She began to smile slyly. She remembered, in his first word to her, how her heart missed a beat. When their eyes met, the shyness that filled her. The day when she saw his brown … More Pain of seperation

Her grain of sand

On a hot stormy day, She gently carried me. to leave me on the shore, tenderly, with Her soft, caressing hands. Everyday, She would come there, to sing, dance, and cry Her heart out, intoxicating me, with Her Divine Love.   The tears shed, would make my heart crumble. Until, it finally dissolved, in Her remembrance. … More Her grain of sand

The real purpose

What is the real purpose of education, if it does not teach you to learn, if only degree and greenback is all that you yearn; What is the real purpose of being in a relationship, if you can’t stand by your love in times of hardships; What is the real purpose of  being sorry, if … More The real purpose