The extra chapatti

Every night he would stop by at the restaurant down the lane for dinner. It used to be quite late, somewhere near 10. Around that time, there would also an old woman. It often left him wonder why would she come in so late, when the shutters were about to close.

It was then that he noticed something. The woman, every time would buy 4 chapatis and sabzi. She would eat 2 and leave the other 2 chapatis and some sabzi as leftover. This repeated everyday. He was quite annoyed at the woman. If she knew she would eat just 2 chapattis, why does she order 4?




He finally went up to her one day and asked why she always bought extras only to let it get wasted. She didn’t tell anything, casually led him outside the restaurant. On coming out, she told there was a waiter in the restaurant who recently lost his wife. He would work until late evening, and would return to take care of his young daughter. He would return back in the night, and the restaurant owner allowed him to take any leftovers, and it was for him that she always took the extra ones.

He was moved by her kindness, but asked why couldn’t she instead   buy and give him everyday, fresh ones? She said that she did it once, and he refused immediately, saying am old myself, and I should rather save it than spend on him. ‘I can feel his pain, I see my son in him’, she said.

He was left speechless and humbled.

Aishwarya 🙂

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