Experiencing the bright side

“Seema, you have exactly 5 minutes. I’ll be waiting down.”, said Salma.

Seema looked one last time in the mirror, before grabbing her bag. She turned 30 today. She was going to travel. Travel to those places that she had never been before, to those places that would transform her outlook towards life forever.

“How I wish I did this trip a decade ago”, she winked at Salma.

Three hours passed, they reached their first destination. The gate screeched as they let it open. It seemed unattended, may be for years. The board in the front read, ‘Welcome to the home of angels’, Seema exchanged smiles with Salma, as they made their way into the building.

One step in, they were shocked, amazed. The walls exhibited artistic drawings, each depicting a story. They were painted just perfectly, to match the lighting of the room. They couldn’t take their eyes of it. Soon, a group of children came running, and surrounded them. They jumped out of joy, as if rejoicing the end of their day’s wait.

Source: Google
                   Source: Google

The children were glad, they had someone to talk to and play with today. Seema and Salma were glad, the travel had a meaningful start. 🙂

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