The love that is!

The shine was impeccable! Seated royal across the pane, it shone in pure glory. I envisioned it adorned gracefully on my finger – the ring, I knew Steve would never be able to afford for me. I would look at it with expectant eyes, every time I happened to pass by it.

Steve and I married on the 3rd anniversary of our togetherness. Adorable, doting and loving would be an understatement to who Steve really was. Soon, we moved different cities, had successful careers and kids well-grown to wonderful human beings.

We aged, but our love blossomed even more with time. On an uneventful day, I lost the core of my being, Steve. We knew it was coming, but…

A decade later, Noah, my grand-daughter, found an orphaned diary. As I turned the pages, something struck me, really deep.

Her eyes sparkles a multifold when she secretly looks at the ring. Little does she realise, the ring is only, but an iota of her own shine.“,  Steve wrote.

Source: google
Source: google

With Love,

Aishwarya 🙂

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