Circle of desire

On a cold winter day, she set her feet outside. A cloud passed above her, and a dream was born, inside of her. Around the clock of time, the storm blew, rains poured, and the sun shined, gazing at her.   Poor little, who imagined the clouds to be real, was fooled yet again, in … More Circle of desire

The Seer

On a brisk setting day, the bud blossomed, when, in the heart of the seer, She took birth.   Words held no space, not a speck, or a whisper. She smiled, and so did the seer, being warmly welcomed, yet another time!   Every time, for countless times, She does it. Telling tales of the … More The Seer

Bygone friend

The day I walked alone, you followed me as a shadow. Disillusioning me with strange pictures, and groping me with dark stories.   On my first stand, you made my legs tremble, and my eyes water, My voice shook, fumbling every word.   My first encounter with strangers, you held me. I may speak something … More Bygone friend

The dry leaf

Bright, elegant and tall, it stood, on a bushy green tree. Over viewing the shrubs, the grass, the roots, and encompassed by the magnificent trees.       It knew not, of a speck of sand, or the dew on a blade of grass. The green, flowery tree on which it stood, was all it could … More The dry leaf


In the heart of a child you were born, Like a spark in the eye, you lie. You taught me to grow, to smile, the urge to learn, you kept alive. Oh Innocence! How I wish you were there!   Everyday was new, the sun, the moon, the dew. You brought in me charm and … More Innocence

The story

Silent, unmoved, unshaken she laid, unbiased and unaware, of the world, is not what she cared. Eons passed by so, indulged in deep vow, until one day, when the silence broke. It slowly began to fade, further and farther, of that state, was left little reminiscence.  The outer seemed more beautiful, the Real wrapped in a dim. … More The story

Time again!

At night, as she walked along the shore, She would stop at the edge; Cast a straight glance across the boundary, and let the shudders touch her tiny feet.   Immersed in deep thoughts she was, unaware and uncanny. It was her way to bear up, thus she believed, although, never understood, never obliged, by … More Time again!

Changing times…

Tiny steps strode along the empty road, Supple, Agile, in an awestruck mode. Blessed with an endless line of God’s gift, She walked…along with the drift… Happy, as she was, Unheard and unloosened to happenings and cause. With joy, innocence and even plain She walked along the unknown lane… With time, things grew Thoughts, ideas, … More Changing times…

An Unknown Seek….

The Light and the Dark met, as the day began to set. The waves hit the shore, but dreams continued to sore… Days, years went by, slowly, the heart shrunk, little shy Tears rolled with a loud cry, Soon moist eyes turned dry… Ideas clashed, and all strength crashed. The Strong Heart turned Weak, but … More An Unknown Seek….