The dry leaf

Bright, elegant and tall, it stood,

on a bushy green tree.

Over viewing the shrubs, the grass, the roots,

and encompassed by the magnificent trees.





It knew not, of a speck of sand,

or the dew on a blade of grass.

The green, flowery tree on which it stood,

was all it could see.


On a weary, sunny day,

the leaf suddenly saw itself crumble.

Holding tight as much as it could,

on it’s sole weakening support.




With a single blow,

dreams and life crashed.

Alas! Withering, it fell,

on the unnoticed beige sand.


The tree, it called it’s own,

let it abandoned and worn,

helpless, and with deep sorrow, it wept,

to have none, to call its own.





Just then, it felt caressed by a soft touch,

eyes brimmed with tears, it could barely open,

but, deep within, it knew,

It’s Mother has come!




Aishwarya 🙂

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