Time again!

At night, as she walked along the shore,

She would stop at the edge;

Cast a straight glance across the boundary,

and let the shudders touch her tiny feet.


Immersed in deep thoughts

she was, unaware and uncanny.

It was her way to bear up, thus she believed,

although, never understood, never obliged, by any.


Some days went by thus,

Until one day, she reached a place

Dumbfounded, she stood still,

Letting her eyes fixed on – all that it craved for.


Slowly, gradually, with time,

She thought she went.

But Alas! She could no longer keep pace

With time, that moved faster than she could reach.


Thus, in a gentle swift,

all was washed away,

but she knows, it’s time to begin again,

and it’s the only way!

(dated 8th April, 2012)



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