His existence

For the fifth time today, she walked downstairs, looking for him. She looked through every shelf and drawer, hoping to find some evidence for his existence. She looked through every file and folder. Read every word in her diary. She could find nothing about him.

Although she remembered almost nothing after the terrible disease took upon her, she knew there was someone in her life. Her heart felt the void. Her eyes wouldn’t shut until it shed tears for him.



Source: google.com
Source: google.com

No one believed her, they didn’t want to.

As she walked past the door of her room, her mobile rang. She scorched towards the phone. Could it be him?

“Hello, Ms. Blossom, This is Dr. Dan. I am your doctor, and I would like to..”, she didn’t hear the rest.

Did he really exist?

– Aishwarya 🙂


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