Reflections from Rock Climbing

I woke up to pack my stuffs, get my boots on, and decide to go rock climbing!

When I reached the place, I saw kids climbing the rocks. They did it with so much of ease, I thought to myself ‘this one’s gonna be really fun and easy!’

Being the first time, I was instructed and given some basic precautions. The adventure had just begun.

Right foot first, then the left, hands gripped on the rock above, and push yourself above. There I was smiling gleefully, with the first advancement. Keep moving up, I said to myself. Tada!! I soon found myself on the ground. Ouch, that hurt! Not giving up, I tried again. The story repeated, twice, and then thrice, until I was all exhausted.

As I looked around frantically for some help, I saw a young Japanese fellow watching my failure attempts. He walked up to me and told me to take a moment to trace my steps upward, before I begin to climb. Huh, Really? I thought to myself.

He then went on to explain the route I should probably take, also cautioning me which step would get me stranded. Taking his advice, I made a mental map of the path am going to climb. A deep breath, and I began. I had nothing to think, just follow the map in mind. That was so easy! Soon, I found my way to the top!

Almost there!
Almost there!

In life, too, if we take a moment to reflect where we are heading, the path becomes much clearer. The Master is always there to guide as well as warn on what might bring us to trouble. We just have to walk the directed path! 🙂

Most often, we are so automated to put in efforts, that we forget to pause and reflect. This drains off our energy, and it takes forever to reach on the top.


Aishwarya 🙂

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