Weekend cooking

It was Saturday evening. I can’t really justify my title, since my weekend was only on Sunday. My friends and I were walking back home from work, when suddenly one shot – ‘how about cooking our lunch tomorrow?’ I am an amateur cook(a meager 3/10), with almost little to no experience. But, yea, it sounds great! After all, who doesn’t want to have good, sumptuous meal on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

So, there it began! We started deciding on the dishes. Since am now at the Mallu land(no offence), we settled on the South Indian style(partly also because, we did not have any North Indian chefs). Finally, with lots of yes and no, this and that, the list goes this way:

1. Onion bhaji

2. Egg splatter(a.k.a egg bhurji) (yummy! 😉 )

3. Bhindi fry (my mouth is watering already) ;), and……

4. Pastaaaaa (feels heaven 😛 )

Oh, and did I forget to mention lays and coke? 😀

Sunday 10 am it was! Well, but yea, as it had to turn out, we reached at my friend’s place by quarter to 11 :D. Our host, very dutifully bought all the vegetables and ingredients. We started off by cutting the veggies. The first under the knife was onion – BIG and small(yes, I wiped my tears), bhindi(my friend was reminded of a fabric painting course, really? 😐 ), chillies. It was my first full-time at kitchen(did I miss my apron? 😉 ). We had some experts though(some cooks, some howriyas, and some blend of both).

A non-stick pan, a wooden spoon to stir, gas(of course), some vessels to hold the food and a couple of plates were the hardware of our products.  The Models were the vegetables.  The spices were the Helpers(or, Controllers? 😉 ). And, our eyes were the Views :P. Kindly excuse.

We started off by cooking bhindi fry. Am not going in the details of the recipe).

Nevertheless, Pour oil in the pan – add the cut bhindi – add turmeric powder – chilly powder –  (keep mixing until your hands pain, when it does, take a break 😛 ) – add rai. Cook until brown. This is a just, and this, the justice 😉

Bhindi fry

Next was onion bhaji. It’s almost same, with a few hitches though(use onion instead of bhindi). All the while I helped the master chefs.

Onion bhaji – on the go

Enjoying every bit of it! My chefs were very kind and grateful to allow me at their bay(oh, did I forget to mention patient enough?), and teach me some tricks here and there.

Next on menu was egg burji. The hit item in our lunch. Mahn, utterly butterly delicious! (aha!). The only hitch was me breaking the egg! I have never broken an egg before, and I did it exactly the opposite way it had to be done. My friend literally jumped of shock! A huge splatter of albumen and laughter! 😉 😀

We kept some rice and without much delay, this it was!

The ‘Meal’

After a looong loooong time, such good food. Am grateful to my models(veggies), controllers(the spices) and the views(my friends).

We played monopoly, yea had some good trading and bought lump some properties on board :P. With some group pics, we headed back.

What a sunday that was!


Aishwarya 🙂

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