A gift of grace

Every situation is a gift of grace created to bring us more closer to the Truth, to eliminate our ego.

I would like to demonstrate two examples to support the aforesaid statement:

In Mahabharata, during the big war, when Arjun came to the battlefield, he requested Krishna that he first wanted to see his enemy. Krishna then took him to a place where he could see all his kith and kin with whom he was ‘attached’. When Arjun saw that, he broke down. How could such a great warrior, from the highest of the kshatriya clan lose confidence at such a crux of time? Undoubtedly, it was Krishna who did it. It was then, that Arjun started pouring all the ‘knowledge’ he had gathered over the years, and Krishna waited patiently, smiling, for Arjun to finish all that he wanted to say. When Arjun finally dropped his bow(symbolizing his ego), and surrendered to Krishna, that Krishna began to speak the words which turned out to be the Bhagvad Gita. Krishna waited and gave the wisdom only when Arjun was prepared for it.

The next incident is when Karthikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, had to kill the asura or the demon Tarakasur. He was only a kid unaware of his strength and valor when Lord Shiva told him the main purpose of his life. He was unwilling to fight. In order that he understands his power, Lord Shiva made Nandi(the vahan  or the mount of Lord Shiva), to disguise himself as a tiger and attack Goddess Parvati. When Karthikeya saw that his mother was in danger, he counter-attacked the tiger to save her. Where did this strength come from? Undoubtedly, this situation was created by Lord Shiva to make him realize his strength.

Thus, every situation that happens in one’s life is created to unfold this hidden Truth.


aishwarya 🙂


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