Invoke Matlab from Java

For a long time, this topic remained in the drafts of my mind, so finally decided to blog on it! There are many reasons why would want to call matlab from Java. Simple reason being, MATLAB is a technical computing language mainly used for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. Using MATLAB, you … More Invoke Matlab from Java

The Math world

‘Math’ always gave me extra nerve ever since I can remember. It was possibly the only subject that caught my interest early in life. I remember having learnt Vedic Mathematics during my high-school days. But, to the credit of my memory, I barely find any remains. It’s been a while that I have been thinking … More The Math world

Connect to Internet in Ubuntu 11.04

Well, I was trying to connect to the Internet in Ubuntu 11.04. After umpteen trials and failure, it finally got connected. So, here’s how you go. 1. You need to install first the wvdial package.    For more help on that, visit    Download the necessary .deb files and install it in the order … More Connect to Internet in Ubuntu 11.04

Run a Java Program with no Main method!!!

heya! 🙂 I happened to find something really interesting… Have you ever wondered running a simple console-based java program without a main method??? Well, its possible! It’s a trick actually, but worth a try! 🙂 Try running this… public class NoMain { static { System.out.println(“Hello”); System.exit(0); } } It is done using “static initialization blocks”. … More Run a Java Program with no Main method!!!

Ubuntu Installation

Hey there! 🙂 You may like to read my previous post on “Introduction to OS“  before you continue to read this. Following this, is the steps to install Ubuntu into your system using a CD. The other means to install includes using a USB. Check-list before you begin: Ensure you have an Ubuntu installation CD … More Ubuntu Installation