Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

It was Mother’s day yesterday. Although many feel its the West practice that’s gradually setting in the East, I kind of like this concept, least to say, only Mother’s day. ‘Mother’ is the most wonderful aspect in this creation, I believe. The warmth of Mother’s love, Her smile, lying on Her lap, hugging Her like … More Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

3000 women empowered!!!

‘Mulgi shikli, pragati zaali‘. When you educate a women, you educate her family. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule first educated his wife Savitribai, who in turn transformed the lives of countless women. In spite of increasing modernization and education reformation, it’s a known fact that many women in Indian villages still undergo various hardships such as domestic … More 3000 women empowered!!!

Rails and Sinatra

Hey there! I first learnt Rails, and am now learning Sinatra. There has always been a lot of talk on what should be learnt first as a beginner. With certain observations, I quite agree to the fact that the journey must ideally begin with Sinatra. A couple of reasons why I say so. Rails, the … More Rails and Sinatra

Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL

Hi, This post will be discussing the Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL. Assume following table schema: mysql> select * from Persons; +—-+——+—————-+ | id | name | favorite_color | +—-+——+—————-+ |  1 | ABC  | Blue           | |  2 | DEF  | NULL       … More Behavior of NULL values in NOT IN clause – MYSQL

The real purpose

What is the real purpose of education, if it does not teach you to learn, if only degree and greenback is all that you yearn; What is the real purpose of being in a relationship, if you can’t stand by your love in times of hardships; What is the real purpose of  being sorry, if … More The real purpose


In the heart of a child you were born, Like a spark in the eye, you lie. You taught me to grow, to smile, the urge to learn, you kept alive. Oh Innocence! How I wish you were there!   Everyday was new, the sun, the moon, the dew. You brought in me charm and … More Innocence