The love that is!

The shine was impeccable! Seated royal across the pane, it shone┬áin pure glory. I envisioned it adorned gracefully on my finger – the ring, I knew Steve would never be able to afford for me. I would look at it with expectant eyes, every time I happened to pass by it. Steve and I married … More The love that is!

Pain of seperation

It was Saturday evening. As she sipped her coffee, sweet memories of the first time they met, began to surface. She began to smile slyly. She remembered, in his first word to her, how her heart missed a beat. When their eyes met, the shyness that filled her. The day when she saw his brown … More Pain of seperation

Meri Ma, Hamari Ma

It was Mother’s day yesterday. Although many feel its the West practice that’s gradually setting in the East, I kind of like this concept, least to say, only Mother’s day. ‘Mother’ is the most wonderful aspect in this creation, I believe. The warmth of Mother’s love, Her smile, lying on Her lap, hugging Her like … More Meri Ma, Hamari Ma