Sorry and Forgotten

I would like to share a short scene which is very common.

Two kids playing. The first kicks the second. Second says – You kicked me? Go away, you are no longer my friend! The first says – Sorry, let’s be friends again! The next thing you see would be both of them playing as if nothing ever happened!!!

Everything is so easily forgiven and forgotten when you are a kid. You can so easily get over it and move ahead, living fully in the present moment. It is as we grow that the ego grows proportionally, and we tend to attach all the past emotions, experiences, and react to the situation.


aishwarya 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sorry and Forgotten

  1. I was reminded of the story where 2 kids fight with each other and when one of these tells his/herparents about it, and how the parents of the 2 kids make a mountain of a molehill by blowing up the issue and going to the police n all, whereas you find these kids happily playing together even after the spat……:P


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