The L&T Interview experience

L & T Infotech conducted a walk-in interview last Tuesday at Mumbai. It was a dont-miss-the-chance opportunity as it was only for Science and Diploma graduates! Thinking it would be a simple ‘walk-in’ to the doorstep, I went… 🙂

L&T Infotech

When I reached, I was amazed by the crowd. Nearly 2000 candidates! Duh!

We first had the aptitude test comprising of Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning and English. Apart from NA, the rest two was moderately good. And luckily though, I managed to clear it.. 😀

Following this was the GD. Owing to some GD sessions I had during my college days, I was a bit relaxed, hoping it to be good. We were given the topic – ‘Unity in India – a Myth?’. We were given nearly 3 minutes to think on the topic. When the HR told ‘start’, I felt for a split of a second I was in the midst of a rally, with people all around me shouting slogans! The participants of the discussion kept pouncing ideas, views and didn’t give themselves time to breathe. Finally, I got to take my stand, for I believe as nearly 4th speaker. The discussion was more of a debate, but bettered itself with time. 🙂 And again, luckily enough, I got through! 🙂

Then we had to write short essay on ‘Government’s contribution to Information Technology’. With this, we came to the end of the 1st day in the 2-day recruiting program.

Next day was the BIG day for the 500-something who cleared the Day 1. We had the Tech and HR interview.

During my Tech Interview, I was asked to speak on my final year project. It continued on and on for nearly 20mins. Then, the interviewer posed some real-time scenarios and asked how I would respond to such circumstances. For example, if the project is running late(as it always does! 😉 ), and suddenly the client calls. He is currently not aware of the lag, and you need to answer the client, what would you tell him?? How would you manage? Another Q was based on if one of your team member is non- co-perative and not willing to work, how would you handle it? There were many such questions, which took another 15minutes. Then she asked me some MySQL queries, and we parted with that. Quite an experience, and I managed to get through 😀

Next, I believe is a round where you get really unexpected questions. It is usually unpredictable what the HR will ask you to speak on. What they see is your resume(we were in addition told to fill a form provided by the company which gave them a complete idea of our background). As I took my seat, the HR told me to introduce myself. After he read my background, he told me you should not be here! Why don’t you go and do BMS/BMM, become a journalist! I believe, they actually try to see how committed you are, and if your interest actually lies in IT. He just spoke to me about my short journalism career which went on for some 10 minutes. He asked if I was willing to relocate to anywhere in India? They see how flexible you are. With more of such questions, I was done with my final round – HR.

As far as the results are concerned, its yet to be known. But a wonderful yet strenuous experience.. 🙂


aishwarya 🙂

2 thoughts on “The L&T Interview experience

  1. not that much big as i faced in bangalore 2010,crowd near about 10000 or above,company gate get broke many get injuried…..lost there shoes ,bag etc in crowd


    1. oh..that is sad..
      L&T had walk-in interview last week at Pune(which was very crowded I heard), and then at Mumbai.
      That has ensured some control, I guess.


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