Down the memory Lane…

I do not know where to begin from, but I have been thinking for the past few days about blogging on this.

It has been three years, and it feels just like yesterday. I am back home for sure, but it’s not the same me who was three years back. As I look back, I see how much of my thoughts have changed after staying at one of the most beautiful place anyone could ever wish for in a lifetime. Having got the opportunity to stay with a living master, what else could one ask for in life, although I have probably still not understood its significance or how fortunate I have been.

download (1)

Today when I look back at the turnover of the events that happened to me three years back, I feel only more than grateful for having been among those chosen ones who got this opportunity.  Everything there was so beautiful and in total rhythm with nature.

When I heard my Master sing, my heart sank. When She whispered in my ears, all thoughts ceased. When She hugged me, there was nothing more in life that I even wanted…

I do not know how to continue, but this has been the most precious and the most lovable journey in my life.  I do not know how to be thankful, but it’s the best gift life has ever given me.

My thanks to all those who made these 3 years so beautiful 🙂

Love and prayers,



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