The Math world

‘Math’ always gave me extra nerve ever since I can remember. It was possibly the only subject that caught my interest early in life.

I remember having learnt Vedic Mathematics during my high-school days. But, to the credit of my memory, I barely find any remains. It’s been a while that I have been thinking to brush up those tricks…and the way I thought I could share is to blog! So, here I go…

Starting with something really basic, I would like to write on how to find the squares of numbers ending with ‘9’.

Step 1:

Add 1 to the number whose square you want to find.

For e.g. let’s suppose your number is 59. Add 1 to it. 59 + 1 = 60.

Step 2:

Add the two numbers. 59 +  60 = 119   …. Result (1)

Step 3:

Find the square of the number you got by adding 1 to your original number.

60^2 = 3600                                                   ….Result (2)

(Pretty straightforward, as 6^2 = 36, append two zeros to your answer)

Step 4:

Subtract Result (1) from Result (2)

i.e. 3600 – 119 = 3481.

Yippee..that’s your answer! Kind of neat and simple. It needs to be constantly used, to avoid yourself from forgetting it!

Upcoming more…

Cheers till then,

aishwarya 🙂 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Math world

  1. Hi there: many thanks for taking the time of creating up this material. I at all times endeavor to further more my knowledge of details. No matter if I agree or disagree, I really like important information. I just remember the old days if the only source of details was the library or the newspaper. They each seem to be so old fashion. : )


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