An interview experience

Two days back, I received an Interview call letter for the MBA Admissions at Amrita University.

Although I was not prepared, I anyway decided to give it a shot. The only specialization that matched my area of interest was Systems. So, I mentally prepared my mind about what I would want to speak about in the Interview. I had relatively zero knowledge about business issues, finance, marketing or whatever! It has never attracted my thoughts.

The Interview was to be conducted at the Amrita School of Business, Kochi. I reached Kochi a day before. As far as the preparations for the interview, I read a bit of basics of what I learnt all these three years and caught up with some current news.

19th February, 2012 at 8.30 am. I got myself marked present and waited at the lobby to be called in. As I sat there, I got reminded of a stress interview I went through as a part of a Best Manager Competition. I utilized the time left to ponder on what made me stand apart that day.

It was 9.15 when they called us in. We were about 25-30 students. First, we were shown a presentation, followed by a Q&A. Then, the selection process was to begin.

We were taken to a room and were given 3 topics:

1. Effect of spirituality on business management.

2. Need of social entrepreneurship in India.

3. Social networking sites – a boon or a bane.

We were given 6 mins – 1 min to organize our thoughts and ideas, and 5 mins to jot it down on a paper. I chose to write on the first topic.

Next was the documents scrutiny. Following it, in a matter of say 7 mins, i found myself outside the interview room. I was supposedly the first person to be interviewed for the day!

I tried to remain calm and relaxed. I decided to take it in what come way.

In less than 5 mins I was called in.

There were two interviewers, and to my luck, I had a Professor from IT and Systems in my Panel. I greeted them and was asked to take a seat. They first asked me to introduce myself and then about my area of specialization. From then on, was a great time! They asked me to speak about my final year project, about my favorite programming language, software project management. They stuck to the basics. I also got to speak about my long-term goal, to which they were kind enough to share some guidance. They said the Bangalore campus would probably me more apt since it specializes mainly systems. And being a dual-degree programme(MBA from Amrita University and MS from University of Buffalo), it is definitely an added advantage.

I was asked to speak about some current issues and my views in it. On a light moment, one of them asked me if I had seen the latest ad my The Hindu – its reply to The Times. On reaching home, I first viewed the ad, and found the HINDU ad and its signature line – ‘ be ahead of the times’ really captivating! (Although I prefer reading TOI than TH).

In case, you haven’t seen it yet, check the out for the TOI and TH ad’s back to back.

The interview continued for a long time, and I remained unaware of the passing time. I found myself at ease throughout the session. They asked me if I had any questions in the end. I asked how would ASB help me achieve my long-term goal, to which they gave me some really valuable advice!

I would not call it a perfect interview, it was convincing though(thus I believe!). At the end of the day, it was all over. Let’s wait and watch what’s store in future!! 🙂


aishwarya 🙂


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