Aur kitna time lagega???

A few days back I was at the post office waiting for my turn to submit my application for the Aadhar (Unique Identification) card.

It was mid-day, and I was already feeling exhausted waiting in the never-ending queue. It was 2 more to go for my turn to arrive, that suddenly the system at the counter started having trouble. My patience had already reached its peak, and I wished to not consider the possibility of not getting the work done. Some people started cribbing, while others chose to leave. I could only sigh, as there was nothing I could do other than wait.

Since it was taking more time than expected, I started feeling restless. So, I decided to go and sit at a nearby seat for a while. It was then that I witnessed an amazing scene.

I saw a little girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I was astonished seeing her chirpy, as kids usually get cranky when they have to wait in such clumsy and crowded place. She kept going up an down a small slope, and every time she reached the top of the slope, she kept asking her Grandmom who was seated there- “Aur kitna time lagega? ”  (How much more time will it take?). Her grandma patiently replied “Aur dus minute” (Ten more minutes). This happened once, twice, thrice and it kept happening.

The girl would slide down, then up, and ask her grandma the same Question, and the grandma would reply the same answer. It would have happened nearly 15 times.

I was astonished. Wasn’t the grandma bored of saying the same thing again and again. Duh! Would the child be so doting to her grandma when she grows up? I was amazed seeing this duo.

My these thoughts were disturbed when the man at the office announced the system will take time recuperate, and we will have to return back the next day.

I would have definitely  got irritated with the announcement, had I not witnessed the scene of the child and grandma.  The incident taught me a lesson on patience. When the grandma, in her 60 something could exercise so much patience, for me to get irrititated with such petty things is definitely a shame.

Even though my work was unfinished for the day, I was satisfied with the lesson life taught me. 🙂


aishwarya 🙂 🙂


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