Where the heart speaks…

If there is one part of my life, that i would want to rewind and play again and again, it has to be the 27th of September.

Its been three years since i have been a part of Amma’s Birthday Celebrations at Amritapuri. No festival, no birthday celebrations has been so memorable. My heart pounds with unexpected feelings when the birthday nears.

It is a day when caste, creed or gender finds no place or position. It’s a day when all join hands together, work together, not for themselves, but to do their small part for someone whom they do not even know.

This year, during Amma’s birthday celebrations, i was assigned the Vegetable Cutting Seva. It was indeed an experience to be cherished, i never knew i knew to cut vegetables! There was definitely a hand that worked through me:)

There are many uncountable experiences, but i find it difficult to pen down such feelings.

I pray, may each one of us, spend at least one day of our life completely for the service of others, cherishing the beauty that lies deep within it.

with prayers,

aishwarya 🙂


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