My first video shoot…

Well, this is least expected. I never in my life dreamt I would write this first-hand experience. 😉

It all started a few days ago, when my Teacher at the college told me about a promo movie they are making for Amma’s coming b’day(For those of you reading this, unaware of Amma, you must check this out or feel free to mail me to know about Amma). She told me to join the team for a shoot. I was shocked, perplexed…donno what to say. Me and shoot???!!!

I was asked to come in bright attire and with some make-up. It was scheduled to happen on the 15th of June, 2011 at 6pm. However, as the closing ceremony of RTE workshop got extended, I couldn’t make it for the shoot. I thought that was the end of my shooting journey until I discovered that destiny had something else stored in for me. 🙂

Today, 17th June, 2011. It was 4.40pm. Surya(my friend) and myself were heading towards the mess hall to have our evening tea. Just then, my classmate came and we were talking. As if things had to happen this way, to my shock, I saw my Teacher coming downstairs and she definitely did not fail to notice me. As it goes without saying, she told me to head towards the library for the shoot!!! I knew there is no road to escape. All I knew was that I had to do it. I decide to take an action (do read my immediate previous post 😉 ).

A part of me wanted to do it and filled me with positive vibrations, but something also stopped me…I tried to figure out…FEAR???!!! Unknown as it seemed. I had to overcome this. And this was an open-door opportunity. I just had to bend and be a bit more flexible.

So, we headed towards the library-that’s where the shoot will be taking place(and btw, I skipped my evening snack 😦 ).  We applied some make-up. We were given the script of what should be said and stuffs and this was followed by a rehearsal. I was definitely a bit nervous, but more of excited by now. I tried to relax myself.

I was the first to shoot. We were told we just had to say those lines in the script. But it was not to happen that way. The cameraman or should I say director 😉 , told me to do a small act. Like, I had to scan the book shelf, search and pick one and flip through the pages. Then, I had to hold the book in my hand and say those dialogues. I did make a couple of mistakes, but lucky enough, we had Action Replay 😉

This was followed by two more shoot by my friends.

I never expected I would do this. Even though I missed my snacks(we were treated later, however  😉 ), a sense of peace and contentment filled in through me…I don’t know how to explain, but its totally abstract.

You know, I am beginning to understand something  which people always told me from the time I joined Amrita University- “If you study at Amrita, you get courage to face any situation in life, because you get to do things in which you are most unexperienced 😉 ”

My grateful thanks to my Teachers and my dear God for having the faith in me and being with me always 🙂

Life teaches us through many ways, we just need to gather the strength to do it and have the perseverance to NOT QUIT mid-way. You never know, until you try… 😉

And btw, watch out for the video 😉


aishwarya 🙂


5 thoughts on “My first video shoot…

  1. I liked this line very much

    “If you study at Amrita, you get courage to face any situation in life, because you get to do things in which you are most unexperienced 😉 “

    I would add the word “work” along with study too……i know it is still early days in Amrita for me, but i can surely relate with the above sentence 🙂


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