Nothing will happen…until YOU take ACTION…

“Nothing will happen…until YOU take ACTION…”

How obvious this seems, but I am sure you will agree when I say that it is not something we often think about…!!!

So it is with everything, nothing happens unless we, ourselves decide to take an action. As I watched this video, I remembered a similar incident that occurred in my life. When I was a toddler my Teacher once remarked to me- “Aishwarya, You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink… :)” I failed to grasp the meaning of it then,  it was only in the later part of my student life, did I actually understand what she meant.

It was in 2007, when I entered Std. 11. Math was simple until 10th, things seemed much clearer then. But in 11th, it became hell for me. Being spoon fed with a single textbook for a subject and majority Questions with interchanged numbers coming from the same text- was no big deal!!! But that was only until 10th…!!! Things began to change now…multiple books for a single subject, Teachers rarely taking classes, Questions coming from unknown sources…and the list continued. My mind was filled with only one thought then, -“I CANNOT do it..!!”  I decided to go with the flow, and Math became a nightmare…!!! :O

With no doubts, I flunked in my first periodical Math exam scoring 11/50. It was a shame for me- with friends mocking all around. When I got to know my marks, it was already 4 days for my 2nd Periodical exam (Corrected sheets were always given late in my college). It was then, that I decided to take an action- Remember, with just four days in hands. I barely knew what chapters were there. Though I had no knowledge, I had the will…-“I will do it…” Trust me when you have the will, your work is already half-done!

I don’t know how the four days passed- I don’t remember what I ate, how long I slept…It was just Math for me. I had to do it, because I decided to take a step. I struggled to understand the concepts, but I continued. Results was not what really mattered to me, it was just the magnitude of commitment towards my goal that really mattered.

Finally, the D-Day arrived. I was relaxed. I had nothing to prove to others, what I had was to prove to myself.

And the exam was mysteriously or what(I have no adjective to add here, 😉 ) good for me, not excellent though, but I definitely did my best. I knew I did it right. And my results took me to a leaping score of 34/50.

And then, from there, there was no looking back- Math became fun…!!! 😉

Getting back to what my teacher told me- “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…”, I understood what she meant it that day. You can be given the best of facilities and opportunities, but unless you decide to take the action, nothing will happen…!!! 🙂

So, dear reader, if I could climb the Math ladder just within 4 days, think what can YOU DO???!!! 🙂

As I said before, “When you have the WILL, your work is already half-done!”

Cheers and All the Best,

Aishwarya 🙂


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