A tryst with humbleness…

It was November 24, 2010. Two gone, four more to go. In 8 days, i would be @ home…i could wait no longer…

My third semester examination was going on. The holiday on this particular day,Wednesday seemed as a big relief to all of us. Three core exams plus one was still left. Then i could be all at home…phew!!! It seemed as if time wouldn’t move…

It was at this day that my friend’s Mother and her sister was to visit all of us at the hostel, as it was exam time, and it was pretty long(2 weeks??) since my friends had gone home. i was already feeling terribly home-sick during these days, and with my friends parents(3 of them had come the previous weekend) visiting us so often made me feel even more homesick!!! i kept remembering home more and more…(i usually get to visit my home only once in 4 months due to the long distance b/w my home and my place of study). Nevertheless, i….

Finally, at quarter past 11, they arrived. We all(7 of us) rushed down. i don’t usually get talking much, because of my inability to converse well in the local language. Nevertheless, i try…with my lil’ knowledge. However, this time it was different. i cannot pen down what i exactly felt, but this was really different.
Aunt(my friend’s mom) and her sister were so humble, down-to-earth that i felt as if i knew them since a long time and was able to communicate with ease. I don’t what it was, my head failed to understand, but my heart didn’t. For the first time, my heart took over my brains so conveniently….

Nothing much happened. They left after some time. And we retired to our rooms. It was only then, that i recounted one beautiful incident. i couldnt get it off my eyes…
Aunty strongly wanted to buy something for us from the hostel juice stall(she had already brought us lunch and many bakery stuffs from home). We obviously denied, as we felt it was not right and also since we would be eating food shortly. But she really wanted to buy for us.
Her daughter(my hostel-mate), very casually told me this later in the room. When  she told her mom the price of the juices here is pretty high, and it would be a bit too costly for all of us; the following sentence told by Aunty really pulled me, i could not hold back….

“daughter, aren’t they all my children??? Only because its costly, did you all hold me back from buying??”

It came from her heart. Even though She was under financial stress, all that mattered for her was to feed us, make us feel home?? TO THE ONES, WHOM SHE WAS MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME…

Aunty is a nurse, very dedicated and dutiful. Our world must wake up to such great women…oops….sorry….such great Mothers….!!!!


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